Tirtagangga Water park

Tirtagangga Water park

Tirtagangga Water park is a water attractions located approximately 6 km north of Amlapura city, in Karangasem regency, east part of Bali island. This park was very easy to access, because it was on track Singaraja and Karangasem regency. If you coming from Denpasar it will takes about 2 hours drive. This park has a strong historical value by the Karangasem kingdom founding figures in antiquity. The architecture of the park was a mix of between China, Eropha and Bali architecture, which is designed so slick that makes every visitor who came to be at home. This tourist spot is a place that was once used for the rest of the royal families, with a beautiful natural scenery, and clear springs water with a discharge that is large enough and never recede throughout the year, then made 2 baths for swimming pools one for adults and one for the kids and also a fish pond and fountain ornate monument with a beautiful and harmonious with the condition of the park. The views of rice fields around the beautiful location plastered around the park, so it was the choice resting place for visitors with physical relaxation and spiritual perfection.

Tirtagangga Water Park areas have facilities that are complete, with a large parking area, food stalls, restaurant, souvenir shop for souvenirs needs, money changer and also lodging. If you walk a few hundred meters to the north, plastered expanse of rice fields with an exotic backdrop of Mount Lempuyang. All information presented are complete here, including routine villagers with culture and tradition, and their hospitality makes your heart solidify to spend a few nights of your vacation plans.

How to get there

         You can use a private vehicle or public with through the Karangasem district and Singaraja. If you coming from Denpasar, it will takes about 2 hours drive.

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