Discover the Peaceful Getaway of Dream Beach

Discover the Peaceful Getaway of Dream Beach

So, you have heard a lot about Dreamland Beach in Bali? Once you known its location, you can figure out how busy this place is. Yes, it is still in Kuta, one of the most popular sites visited by both local and foreign tourists in Bali. Are you looking for peace? It really means you should go further and ditch every inch of the further part of this tropical paradise. But, where?

Many people take a vacation to enjoy the holidays. It is just going away from the busy routines and relaxing both body and mind. If you have the same reason for the next trip, dream beach is where you should go. Well, you can’t find this place in your sleep, unfortunately. You have to take a longer trip after touching down at Bali to Nusa Lembongan, a small island situated of the south of Bali Island.

Talking about visiting a beach, you may dream about the white sand and clear blue marine water. It is time to make it real then. To go to Nusa Lembongan, you can rent a fast boat from Padang Bai port. There is an alternative route too, i.e. Sanur Sunrise beach. Take a trip towards Mushroom Bay and hire a car or motorcycle to get to the beach. As the island is not quite large, you will find the tourist attractions located close to one another.

Nusa Lembongan Island’s atmosphere is calmer and more peaceful than the main one. Even so, it is worthless just spending the vacation time for sleeping and dreaming at the local huts. It is time to have some fun at dream beach. As it has big and high waves coming from Indian oceans, this place is favorite among of surfers.

Since it is one of the popular beaches in Nusa Lembongan, you won’t find it difficult to get to the spot. There are many sign posts, almost in every juction. It may be far from the city, but being lost is nearly impossible. If you feel unconfident with your adventurer’s instinct, local people are welcome you for asking information.

Once you arrived at the spot, you will be directly tempted with the very scenic view. The wonderful secluded beach has pure white sand. The clear blue water also looks inviting. However, unless you are strong swimmer, it is suggested to stay at the coast because of its high waves. If you decide to get into the water, make sure to be careful and avoid going to the eastern end of the beach.

Tired of walking around along the coast? There is a high class resort situated on the cliff, named Dream Beach Huts. They offer a great position to overlook at the beach. They have 20 rooms capable for up to 40 guests. Enjoy the menus of their restaurant and bar. Or get the safer spot to swim at the magnificent swimming pool with a spacious sun deck. It is truly a great location to enjoy the peaceful vacation out of the hectic Bali Island. Spend your holidays at dream beach and be enchanted with the ocean views and wave sounds.

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