Enjoy the Marine Life of Blue Lagoon Beach in Bali

Enjoy the Marine Life of Blue Lagoon Beach in Bali

What is the most wanted location you want to visit for your next holidays? It is Bali, is not it? Then, you must have it stick on your head. But if you are still wondering whether it would be a worth visit, we have something great to make you fall in love with this beautiful island.

So many people can’t get over yet with the Bali’s charms. An island called paradise located in Indonesia seems having magical charisma that successfully hypnotizes its visitors and makes them find another reason to come back. It is true. Many may say it is just overrated as they just find common fun like bars, beaches and parties. However, you can always discover a lot more pleasant traveling experiences and places than others.  Let us say blue lagoon beach.

Also known as Bloo Lagoon, this beach is located on the east side of the island. You can reach it in 1.5 hours from Kuta. First thing that makes it a special worth of visit, the area is hidden. So, forget about the touristy rumors about Bali as you still can find your private paradise. Close to Padang Bay port, Bloo Lagoon beach is a great spot to start your journey before heading to Lombok and Komodo Island.

Bloo Lagoon is a peaceful white sand beach. The port may always be busy, but the small village close to it offers you beautiful and unspoiled relaxing spots to spend the time. There is also Pura Silayukti, an eleventh century temple at the northern part of the town. You can get the astonishing view of the beach beyond that seems calling you to go down immediately.

What makes blue lagoon beach popular among of tourists is its heavenly sent underwater charms. The water is warm, a good sign to not be afraid of jumping in. Then, you will also find abundant underwater life. The colorful fish seem just flying freely without noticing your eyesight.  Some may keep hiding in the reef crevices by camouflaging themselves. Are you just going to watch them from the coastline? Is not too far to catch the view of beautiful underwater paradise?

Snorkeling is what you must do when visiting the lagoon as it a great location to enjoy this water sport.  You can enjoy the fantastic view of coral reef right close to the beach. Go to the far left side where to find a coral-less route to the snorkeling site. You do not swim quite well? Do not worry. The snorkeling fun is still yours as it just requires you wearing the gear including facemask, snorkel and swim fins. With those being put on, you are ready to lay your face down in the water and enjoy the scene beyond. You should choose a calm day to get clear visibility of lots of fish.

As blue lagoon beach is famous for its snorkeling spots, it is very easy finding the equipment rentals. The small shops in the street of the bay also can help you get to the best sites to snorkel with the traditional jukung boats. Or, you can simply spend the left hours of the day by relaxing at local restaurants while enjoying their best dishes.

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