Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a temple attraction situated on the top of a rock jutting into the sea and used as a place of worship to the gods of the sea. Tanah Lot located in Beraban village, District of Kediri, Tabanan, and about 13 km in the west of Tabanan and about 30 minutes drive from Kuta beach resort. Tanah Lot temple was very well known as a wonderful place to watch the sunset. On the cliffs there is a snake with black stripes and white slightly yellowish believed as the temple guards, with characteristics resembling a sea snake with a flat tail like a fish, the snake has a poison 3x more powerful than cobra snake. The snake was still there today and is believed to provide safety and grant the prayers of people who touch it. According to the legend of the snake is the incarnation of Nirartha scarf which is a propagator of Hindu religion in the land of Java, and founder of Pura Tanah Lot in the 16th century. In addition of the snakes which is still belief until now by the local, the other thing is there are a phenomenal source of fresh water on the north side of Pura Tanah Lot. The springs of the freshwater can only be seen when the tide is low, the water is holy water called Tirta Pabersihan and it used to purify the clergy travelers who want to experience one of the traditions that exist in Bali. The name of Tanah Lot itself is derived from the word ” Tanah ” which means rock and ” Lot ” which means sea.

Just as the temple in general, Pura Tanah Lot is also often celebrated Piodalan(universay) in a ceremony which commemorated in every 210 days. The celebration close to the Galungan and Kuningan celebration, precisely on the feast day of holy Buddhist Cemeng Langkir. Road to the beach Tanah Lot are often found supporting tourism such as hotels, restaurants, art shops, and others. A good time to visit here is at 16:00, so you can see the view of the beach with steep cliffs while waiting for the sunset.

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