Maya Denawa Cave

Maya Denawa Cave

Bali is a tourist destination that is very enjoyable, because it is rich in places, cultures and interesting festival. No wonder so many foreign and local tourists visiting the island of Bali, or better known as the Island of the Gods. One of the places that you must visit if you are in Bali, especially for those of you who love history and adventure is Goa Maya Denawa (Maya Denawa Cave)Goa Maya Denawa located in Banjar Bayad, Ubud, Ubud sub ​​district, Gianyar regency, Bali. Almost everyone knows the name of Maya Denawa in Bali as a legend. Denawa virtual cave was discovered in a garden on the edge of a cliff by a farmer. It is said that Goa Maya Denawa is a Mayan army hideout was attacked by forces of god Indra, for his arrogance. The name of the cave was derived from the words “Maya” which means it does not look and “Denawa” which means king/leader. Previously, Goa Maya Denawa was also briefly used by the fighters against the invaders. The place is hidden, showing calmness amongst green natural bandage around it. For the spiritual lovers, the cave is often used as a place of meditation, silence as well as strong magical aura. In the cave there is a statue of Lord Shiva, Indra and Maya Denawa. This milestone was celebrated as the king’s death the triumph of good over evil in Galungan celebration.

In addition to storing the hidden historical, this place has the appeal of a beautiful natural shades, with a carpet of green rice fields, with a background of hills that look like a relief from a distance, as well as untouched and exploited, will make your holiday memorable and satisfying. Would be more interesting if you walk further around this place, you can enjoy the uniqueness of the presence of Patanu river valley, rustic cash breeze, birds singing in the air, as the rhythm accompaniment foot to the location of the cave make your adventure will be more sensational.

How to get there

If you want to visit this place, You can take a drive via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, which located 36.7 km away from the International airport and it will take about 41 minutes in journey.

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