Bali Landscape Tour

Bali Landscape Tour

The first activity in our tour program is bring you to visit Pura Tanah Lot, a temple perched on a small rocky island. This temple was built in 16th century by Javanese priest  Danghyang Nirartha who built many temple near the sea around the island such as Pura Rambut Siwi in the west of Bali Island, Pura Pulaki and Pura Ponjok Batu in the northern part Bali Island. In the western side there are small temple built one of the temple in the top rock with a hole called Pura Batu Bolong.

After visited Tanah Lot Temple, we will travel to the West through the town of Tabanan, Penebel Road. After that we will stop at Wanasari village to see the colony of butterfly. The Butterfly Park collected various types of butterflies imported from Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya. Here they sell some kind of souvenir from butterfly.

Next, we will stop in Pura Batukaru, then we will proceed to the north which will pass through the village of Penebel and after that we will get to the Batukaru temple located in Wongaya Gede village. This temple is one of the important temples in Bali for western direction. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva, the forest around the temple is very quiet and peaceful as the existing temples on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. The temple has some Meru, Meru is the symbol of a mountain, and the east side built holy temple (Beji) and small trench with a few small fish.

From Batukaru, we will continue the journey to Jatiluwih village (Jatiluwih Rice Terraces) which is the most interesting place to see the beauty of natural scenery such as ricefields,coffee plantations, durian, cacao, bamboo, avocado and others. Jatiluwih village has beautiful scenery and vast rice fields and is the best Rice Terraces area in Bali. After the harvest season, you might be able to see farmers plowing fields using cattle or buffalo, because they still use traditional tools to manage their land.

As the final destination of our tour program, we will invite you to visit Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi, huge state temple of Mengwi Kingdom surrounded by a wide moat, the temple was built in 1634. The outdoor courtyard of the temple is open and grassy with a stretch meeting hall for a meeting, dance performance and sometime cockfighting. In the Middle of yard built high wood bell (Kulkul), outside yard to the middle yard separate by open gate and from middle of yard to inner courtyard separate by close gate. Inner courtyard has a lot of multitier shrines (Meru), from first until the highest one the visitor allowed to see the inner courtyard from outside only.

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