Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach)

Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach)

Beaches Tourism on Bali island are presenting a charm that appeals to the tourists who wish to visit. Bali island has a number of beaches that may be rarely heard but has the beauty and attractiveness different from the other coast. One of them is the Suluban beach. Suluban is one of the famous tourist areas as the best surfing areas in the world. This beach is also known as the Blue Point Beach, this beach located at the south end of Pecatu village, Badung regency, and Labuan Sait among Uluwatu Beach regions within about 34 km from Denpasar towards the south and about three miles from Uluwatu area. One of the main attraction of this beach was very suitable waves for surfing, other than that this beach has a very beautiful panorama, this object has been visited by many foreign tourists, as well as domestic tourists. The panoramic beauty of this beach merges with hills views in the southern tip of Bali and the pounding of the waves and away from the noise present a peaceful atmosphere, the atmosphere of the peaceful nature and soothing feeling. To reach Suluban beach, you have to down a cliff and into a wide cave because this beach is located in the hills rock.

The name of Suluban beach comes from Bali language, “Masulub” means walking or passing under something while something on the head called “Pasuluban”. So , this beach called Suluban because if you want to visit this beach we had to pass through the cliff that resembles a cave or tunnel before finally reaching the wide beach, white sand with rumbling fun waves. In addition if you want to see the beautiful panorama of Suluban beach from a height, there are wooden stairs up to the cliff above made ​​by the manager of the beach, on the cliff made ​​a sort of gazebo/wooden posts where visitors can watch the beautiful ocean views freely. In this post you can be seen more clearly the attraction of surfers in the sea, from here you can also take photos with more liberal views of the stunning sunset on the horizon. In the vicinity of the beach there are many sellers of various foods and beverages as well as toilet facilities, so that you can spend a whole day to enjoy the beauty of Suluban beach.

How to get there

The distance to the beach location is about 34 km from Denpasar town and about 45 minutes away by using a motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai International Airport. To achieve Suluban pass uphill and winding road with an atmosphere that is very captivating views of the hills, past the first new Blue Point Villas was up in coastal areas of Suluban.

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