Kuta Bali

Kuta Bali

Kuta is a town located in the southern part of Bali island, Indonesia. Kuta is one of the first development of tourism in Bali and became one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia and Abroad. Kuta was very famous for its long sandy beach, varied accommodation, many restaurants and bars, and many renowned surfers from Australia who came to visit. It is located near from the international airport Ngurah Rai, Bali. 

Kuta Beach located on the west side of the peninsula, and Sanur located in the east in accordance with the limits that have been authorized by the local government. Kuta Beach is a beach located in Kuta. The beach has been notable since early 1970s. Kuta beach is also known as Sunset Beach, as opposed to the Sunrise Beach, another name forSanur. Luxury resorts, restaurants, and clubs are located along the beach. to block blowing sand to cafes and restaurants, In 2011, two-meter white sandstone fence, built in the style of Balinese architecture,it built along the way. Some tourists do not like it because it is blocking the view of the beach, while some others believe the walls help muffle the sound of the traffic congested roads. To make the beach clean traders are only allowed to sell beverages and souvenirs around the beach.

Things to do

There are so many things that we can do in Kuta, are as follows:

  • Surfing, Kuta is a well known destination amongst surfing enthusiasts.
  • Shopping
  • Enjoy sunset at jalan Pantai Kuta (Kuta Beach Road)
  • Play Pool or Bowl
  • Release a Sea Turtle
  • Weddings ceremony

How to get there

Kuta located in the south of the Ngurah Rai international airport, if you use a taxi, it will take 15 minutes in journey. Kuta was connected by bus routes from all areas of Bali. Kuta stretches along the beach in front all the way from the airport to Legian, and small lanes lead from the beaches into the densely populated accommodation zone. To avoid traffic-related frustrations, the best option is a combination of walking in small lanes and using metered taxis or a rented motorbike for longer excursions.

These are several ways and transportation you might use to get in to kuta beach, are as follows:

  • By car, Traffic jams is usually happened especially when it is raining. It is often best to park your car before you reach downtown Kuta, and walk in. The area downtown is only about one and a half kilometres in length and half a kilometre wide but when stuck in traffic you might easily spend 30 minutes or more to travel these short distances. Finding a rental car company is easy in Kuta.
  • By taxi, Metered taxis (taksi berargo) are ubiquitous on the streets of Kuta and are a relatively cheap and reliable way to get around, especially at night. However, the more reputable and reliable taxis can be found easily by walking a little up the street. It would be in your interests to seek out a Bluebird taxi in this situation.
  • By motorbike, Those with a sense of adventure should try hopping on the back of a local scooter. They are always looking for a passenger, making negotiation easier and more successful. This type of informal transport is called an ojek and is fast and cheap.

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