Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari Park is a national park conservation of wildlife habitat that resembles the original, it was built on an area about ​40 hectares and has a diverse collection of animals from around the world. Bali Safari Park was fit to be your destination with your family, because here you will see wildlife like in their natural habitat. Recently, Bali Safari Park has been open to the public. Safari Park located at Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra precisely located in three villages in Gianyar, More Village, Serongga Village, and Medahan Village. The park can be reached in about 40 minutes from downtown of Denpasar. At Bali Safari Park, we will be brought to the artificial forest by using Jungle train because here we are not allowed to bring personal vehicles.

The Safari Park consists of 80 animal species and 400 individuals from three regions, namely Indonesia, India, and Africa. In addition to the Bali Safari Park is also equipped with water rides or watersport and provides a variety of exciting rides including roller coasters, twisters and more. Safari Park is also often held several performances of which are:

  • Animal Education show in Hannuman Stage is Hanuman park with a stage show that there are animals that also provide knowledge about endangered species.

  • Elephant Conservation & Education Show at Kampung Gajah. This is a museum area with elephants, elephant stables, riding elephants, souvenirs, and, elephant stall.

  • Balinese Holy Water at Tirta Sulasih Procession. Tirta Sulasih is a sacred bathing place with the feel of Balinese culture. Here you can watch the daily activities of the people of Bali with its culture and buying souvenirs Balinese handicrafts.

  • Balinese Bamboo Music in Terminal Bali.

  • Balinese Dancing Class at Bale Banjar.

  • Tigers of Ranthambore is an imitation of an ancient fortress located in India. This fort became the indwelling of the very rare white tiger and many more.

If you would like to visit the Safari Park, then you have to pay for admission to the Indonesian Rp.135.000 and Rp. 350,000 for foreigners.

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