Bali Island

Bali Island

Bali is the name of an island which is a part of the Indonesian archipelago, with the provincial capital of Denpasar which is situated close to the south coast. Its population is approximately 491,500 (2002). Bali’s second-largest city is the old colonial capital of Singaraja on the north coast and is home to approximately 100,000 people, The other important cities include the beach resort of Kuta, which is practically part of Denpasar and Ubud urban areas located in the north of Denpasar is a cultural center on the island.

Bali island located between the islands of Java and Lombok. Bali is an island that is very interesting, there are so many things that can be found there, Bali is the best tourist destination in Indonesia, because you will find a lot of things you never seen before on your premises, not only famous for its beautiful and interesting places, but Bali is also famous for its diversity of culture which includes ceremonies, festivals, traditions, costumes, food, dances, and much more can be found here. The island is also known as the Island of Thousand Temples, The island of Gods, The Paradise Island and Dream Island.

Bali Island is a perfect holiday destination for all ages, because it offers something exceptional for everyone. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich heritage of the past. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique culture, this is still reflected in day to day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, festivals and magnificent buildings that are there. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island, while the eastern side is a wonderful haven for a vacation with the family, with a beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water will spoil the eyes of every visitor who comes here.

Geographic & Climate

Geographically, Bali island located in the east of the island of Java, separated by the Strait of Bali, and Lombok Island are separated by the Lombok Strait. The island has a tropical climate as well as the other islands in Indonesia. Bali consists of mountainous areas, coastal and marine, one of the most famous mountain and it is also the highest mountain in this island is Mount Agung which is also known as the mother mountain,it is an active volcano, at an altitude of 3,031 m above the sea level. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, Beaches in the south tend to have white sand while in the north and west have a black sand. The climate is hot and humid (tropical) makes this area very aptly nicknamed as an agricultural area.

Population and People

The majority of the population in Bali island adheres Hinduism. Balinese people have been well known as the friendly people. they are holding strong social life that are still be defended up to now. The total area of ​​the island is a little over 2000 square miles. According to the latest census population of Bali is 3,500,000 people. Most of the population of the island (90%) are Hindus and others are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Buddhist. Bali has a wide variety of traditions and local culture, so almost every day you can find ceremony or festival.


Bali island was very famous for its wide variety of customs, one of the famous culture in bali is their belief in god  or the religious life of Balinese religion, such as belief in God almighty One God, believe in the existence of one God Ida Hyang Widi Wasa, the Cultural communities  in bali island is very diverse at all, such as social stratification system called caste in the religious life, in the lineage they have Dadia, the temple as a place of worship in the family line. Custom is also highly variable characterized by symbolic and ceremonial ornaments appropriate activities and regions. Culture and traditions are still evolving to this day, is heavily influenced by religion and rituals associated, it’s still thick and strong, like a cremation ceremony (ngaben), Galungan day, Silent day (Nyepi), there are so many kinds of ceremony that we can find in  this island. Daily life on Bali is culturally linked to satisfying and appeasing the gods, spirits and demons in the midst of breathtaking panoramas of cultivated rice terraces, impressive volcanoes and pristine beaches. Bali’s main volcano Gunung Agung is still active and sometimes explosive and is considered sacred among local people as it is believed to be the centre of the universe.


Just like the other areas in different parts of the world, Bali is also have a language used to communicate between the citizens, as well as the surrounding communities with an foreigner from different parts of the world. The Balinese despite inhabiting the same region but has a level of language and cultural diversity. Balinese and Indonesian are the most dominant languages used in Bali, in addition to the rush of foreign tourists visit the course carries a wide variety of languages ​​requires citizens to be able to speak English. Balinese language is the most widely used in Bali, though no doubt there are some communities in bali even trilingual society, or people who use more than two languages ​​even in the conversation. So, it is obvious that they are using the Balinese language is more than one version, but one can understand each other.

Post and telecommunication

Bali Island was very famous as an island with a rich cultural heritage, one of them we knows as an traditional organization such as Temple, Banjar and Subak. Generally,  a traditional organization in Bali has a kulkul, sounds of kulkul is a sign to the people to get on together in one place to hear announcements, it can be a bad news or bad situation. Kulkul is Balinese traditional communication tools, such as instrument sounds are generally made ​​of wood or bamboo and relics of the ancestors. For a resident of Denpasar, the city’s vision of culture has changed, it can be seen from transportations, and of course technology. Technology makes Denpasar increasingly advanced, especially information and communication technology ( ICT ), such as follows :

  1. The number of print media themed Bali and created by the Balinese. For example, the Bali Post, Den post, Magazine Sarad , Taksu , and others . In addition, newspapers and national magazines such as Compass , Bobo , Seputar Indonesia , etc.
  2. TV can be a tools to giving information quickly and directly. TV is also having exciting events every time to entertain everyone. Moreover, Denpasar and Bali has a channel themed Bali: Bali TV and the TV Gods .
  3. Internet is also one of the fast growing ICT in Denpasar . Internet has many functions, ie to search for information, means of communication to others, etc.
  4. HP is one of multifunctional ICT, a lot of features that are owned by HP. There are so many features such as communications, can call other people, short messages, and even video calls and e-mails. HP also can be used to watch shows like watching on TV, the Internet, listen to music, play games, and more. There are 2 kinds of mobile phone technology commonly used today, namely: GSM and CDMA. GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communication). CDMA ( Code Division Multiple Access ) Bali have many access network for mobile, such as, XL,TELCOM,INDOSAT, etc.

Here are some post office address can be found in Bali :

Post Office


Postal Code





Jl.Raya Puputan Renon






Jl. Raya kuta Badung





Nusa dua

Jl.Raya By pass nusa dua






Jl. Abimanyu no. 46






Jl. Jembawan No.1






Jl. pertima






Jl.Gajahmada No.156





Flora and Fauna

Bali Island is a part of Indonesian archipelago. flora and fauna of the Indonesian archipelago includes three different zones and Bali is part of the Asian zone. The geographical conditions make Bali has various species of unique flora and fauna. Bali rainforest enriched with various types of exotic plants such as wild orchids, large Banyan trees, bamboo, ferns, pines and even mushrooms. And rare wildlife on land and at sea most of the same species as in Java and a little bit of Australia, such as the tiger, Bali sterling, and dolphins. Even marine park offers a view of the coral reef is extraordinary.


The electricity supply in Bali is the same as in Australia, the only adaptor you will need for your appliances is a 2 pin European type. Some hotels and buildings around Bali still may use 110V so it’s wise to keep an eye out for that. If they do use 110V and your electrical device/appliance requires 220V, you can purchase a voltage convertor from many different stores around Bali. This will allow your device/appliance requiring 220V to reduce it’s voltage required 110V.

Medical Treatment

Bali Indonesia Medika Citra (BMC) hospital in Nusa Dua is a medical facility that provides treatment and vacation packages. Sun, Sand & Smile program BIMC, for example, the customer BIMC get dental treatment during a one week.

Food and Drink

As well as the tourism, Bali also has a distinctive culinary such as:

  1. Ayam Betutu: This food is the main choice, a lot of people are curious to try it. This dish is also one of Balinese culinary icon.
  2. Jaja Bali: These are the kinds of moist cake that is typical of Bali. In general, the Balinese also really like spicy and sweet taste on the tongue. Examples of these snacks are Laklak, bulung, and kelepon.
  3. Arak Bali: This is a kind of drink that is localized only for adults.

How to get there

Bali is a remarkable Indonesian island, home to a vibrant cultural scene and the country’s most popular tourist hot spots. Coral reefs, black sand beaches, a vast array of wildlife species, and bustling cities draw visitors from all of the world. There are several different ways to get to Bali and, though it’s out of the way, your trip will be well worth the effort. these are some instructions travelling to bali:

first at all, you need to search travel websites for the best airfare. Bali is listed as Denpasar on flight timetables. There are some direct flights from different countries, but generally it’s quite difficult to find them, so a layover in another country or major city is often necessary. You may find cheaper tickets into the country’s capital of Jakarta, from where you can take a domestic flight into Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport.

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