Serangan Island

Serangan Island

Serangan Island is a turtle conservation center in Bali Island, located on the south coast of Sanur. You can enter the protected area without the entry fees collected , but may be charged in parking. On this island you will find a variety of sizes, types and origin of turtles, including the green turtle. You can also take photos with the turtle there. As a conservation area, here is also the marriage site between turtle or tortoise. 

From the results obtained marriage eggs, Then the eggs incubated until it hatched. If you see a page is intentionally shaped box on Fence, it is a place where managers laid turtle eggs and turtles. In addition, visitors will also be invited to tour the mangroves around Serangan island and saw dolphins from a distance by boat.

Serangan Island is also famous for its charming beaches, with sand-colored brown and relatively high waves make the tourists interested in surfing. You can also enjoy a variety of watersports, such as banana boat, flying fish, jet ski, or just drive around Serangan Island area by boat. This island can be used as an alternative tourist destination as education nuanced.

How to get there

       To reach Serangan island, you can use a private vehicle/landline. A bridge connecting Serangan island to Bali and can be passed when the seawater is receding. This conservation in place is open every day from 09.00 till 17.00 pm. Serangan Island can also be reached by boat from Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, or Suwung. If you are from Kuta, drop your vehicle to Sanur Beach, Along the journey to Serangan island, you will see a vast lake and clean on the left side of the road. While on the right side there are mangroves, which certainly would be a beautiful scenery during the journey to Serangan island.

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