Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple is a temple located in Pakerisan river, Penangka Hamlet, Sebatu Village, Tegalalang sub-district, Gianyar district, Bali Province, Indonesia. Unlike the temple in generally, Gunung Kawi Temple has very different from the others, Gunung Kawi Temple is a temple that is not made ​​of brick structure, but rather take advantage of the stone wall at the edge of the rocks of the river as a medium to create a house of worship for the Hindus, the carved stone walls and shaped like the walls of the temple which is also equipped with a meditation room, therefore Gunung Kawi temple also called Candi Tebing (Cliff )Temple. According to estimates by experts, the temple was created around the 11th century AD, ie during the reign of King Udayana to Children Wungsu government. One of the archaeological evidence to corroborate that assumption is an inscription over the door using a pseudo Kediri letters that read ” Hajj lumah ing spur ” which means the king is ( symbolically ) buried in Jalu. The king in question is King Udayana. While the word spur which is a term for spurs ( weapon ) on a rooster, can be associated as well as a dagger or Pakerisan.Nowadays Pakerisan known as the name of a river that separates the two temples inside the temple complex of Gunung Kawi.

Gunung Kawi own name supposedly comes from the words “mountains” (hills or mountains) and “Kawi” (sculpture). So, as the name implies Mount Kawi meaning that in this place for a mountain carved into a temple. Gunung Kawi temple complex is an ideal place for meditation, prayer, or just for traveled. Cool location and located right on the banks of the river makes this temple complex offers an aura of deep inner peace, beautiful atmosphere that is visible from the grove of trees on the banks of the river, also the rush of water from sacred rivers in Bali is made ​​as if the visitor was greeted by a symphony of the nature. Stairs to get to Gunung Kawi Temple is made ​​of rocks framed by stone walls.

How to get there

The path to Gunung Kawi Temple is the same path toward TampakSiring Palace. The location of the temple is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar, you can travel about 1 hour by car or motorcycle. While Gianyar City is about 21 kilometers, or about a half hour drive. If you did not bring personal vehicles, from Denpasar and Gianyar you can use the services of taxis, tour buses, and travel agency services. Gunung Kawi Temple tourist attraction has been equipped with various facilities, such as adequate parking space, the guides are ready to explain the historical and cultural value of Gunung Kawi Temple, as well as stalls selling food and drinks around the temple complex.

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