Gitgit waterfall

Gitgit waterfall

Bali island has many tourist destination that promise satisfaction for every visitor who visit it. One among the places that become destinations in Bali tourist destinations are Git-git Waterfall which is a waterfall with a height of approximately 35 meters wide at the top with about three feet and getting to the bottom has widened, so that the bottom has a width of about five meters, Gitgit waterfall was the highest on Bali island. The waterfall located in Singaraja, Bali, exactly in Gitgit village, Sukasada subdistrict, Buleleng at a distance of about 11 km to the south of Singaraja. This place is perfect for trekker lovers, the field winding and up and down with a view of the natural forest. Git-git waterfall has a large current. Waterfall flowing towards to the large pool below. The scenery around Gitgit waterfall was very natural. Fresh nuances that are served by the highest waterfall in Bali it was perfect destination for nature lovers who love trekking or photography. If you visit this area, you will not only treated to the beauty of Gitgit waterfalls, but you can see the other waterfalls that are interconnected and have a view that is not less beautiful than Git-git waterfall.

To get to the location of the waterfall, visitors must walk through the gardens of clove and coffee and also rice fields, with a natural feel cool and distinctive in mountainous areas. Arriving at the waterfall, the natural impression, beautiful, and far from pollution, moisture or water vapor that fly blown by the breeze, it was a natural therapy that can refresh our body and soul, a journey and a pleasant recreation.

How to get there

If you want to go to the Git-git waterfall, you can drive about 16 km from Singaraja city towards the south to the village of Pancasari or 16 km from Bedugul area. The location of the waterfall is very easy to find because it is located close to the edge of the highway, you can get through the Denpasar – Bedugul – Singaraja . The distance will be about 67 miles or  will take about 2 hours drive from Denpasar. From Denpasar you can steer your vehicle towards Singaraja to Bedugul or after passing Bedegul, you can continue the journey to Git-git or Singaraja. Once in the village you will see Gitgit board signpost directions to the location of the waterfall is located on the left of the road. Furthermore, after you park your vehicle, the trip will be continued to walk down the path as far as approximately 500 m to the location of the waterfall. There are clear directions there. This path has a width of 1 m with terrain contour terraces up and down and winding. After that you will arrive at the main entrance, from here you will be re-run through the trail, but the terrain is more difficult with a slope approaching 45 degrees. This footpath passes through rice fields and houses. After it passes through the many stalls selling souvenirs typical of Bali handicrafts.

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