Buyan Lake

Buyan Lake

Buyan Lake is one of the three lakes located in Bedugul mountains area, two other lakes are Bratan and Tamblingan Lake. Buyan Lake has approximately 367 acres and has a higher size if it compared to the Bratan lake which is more popular among tourists. In contrast to the Bratan Lake which located on the edge of the highway and has a number of tourist facilities, Lake Buyan naturally maintained, because there is no tourism facilities in the vicinity. Here you can enjoy its natural condition of the lake.

Most of the banks of Buyan Lake is a natural forest while the others are agricultural land by local people planted a variety of vegetables and fruits typical of the mountains, including strawberry, you can pick their own strawberry fruit in the garden all the way to Ulun Danu temple. Because farmers cater to tourists who want to buy directly, in addition to selling their crops to the market, then weighed and paid according to the weight. Per kilo price range between Rp.20.000 to 30.000, depending on the season. Price is usually cheaper than the price in the market. Moreover, because the plucked straight from the tree, the fruit is fresher. When picking fruit would you choose a large, mature, and smooth, so the quality is also much better than those you buy in the market.

For travelers who want to enjoy the lake area can utilize Campgrounds located on the south side of the lake or the parking lot in front of Ulun Danu on the north side of the lake. Here you can relax with friends, siblings, spouse and your family to enjoy the natural beauty that still maintained its authenticity, but that you also get to spend time with fishing, accompanied by the cool air of the mountains nuanced. You can also use the path in the forest for adrenaline with a variety of off-road vehicles. Mountain bike, dirt bike, ATV, or a 4×4 car. Off-road pathways can be accessed through the camping grounds.

The government enter Buyan Lake into The Nature Park ( TWA ) Lake Buyan-Tamblingan the region as a whole covers a total area of more than 1,700 acres. The total area of ​the ​conservation is still supported by the Forest Preserve Batukaru which is more than 15,000 hectares of which only a small part only of plantations, while most of the natural forest.

How To get There

Buyan Lake located in the north slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village area, District of Banjar, Buleleng district, Bali Province, Indonesia. The location of the lake adjacent with Tamblingan lake. You can drive from Ngurah Rai international airport via Jl. Raya Denpasar Gilimanuk, which has 108 km in distance and take about 1 h 45 min in journey.

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