Ayung River

Ayung River

If you are vacationing in Bali island, please take your time to visit and try the unique and unforgettable rafting experience that you will get on Ayung River. Ayung River is a famous river rafting partially in Bali, and is the largest and longest river on Bali island. This river flows along 7 miles and empties into the Badung Strait at Sanur, located in Ubud, close to the Ubud attraction. 

Rafting on the Ayung River offers a different sensation and certainly very challenging to try. This river has some rapids and challenge your adrenaline. The site for the rafting itself is approximately 12 kilometers and can be reached within 2 hours. Along the journey down the swift river, your eyes will be spoiled by the green scenery in the left and right sides, high cliffs with Ramayana relief carvings along approximately 600 meters, the works of the artists in Ubud. The river also has several small waterfalls, rocks and hotels or villas located along the river. The other travel  adventure which is more challenging rafting is Telaga Waja Rafting, the water is clear and the water flow more profusely.

Here there are many companies that use the operators services that will offer their programs, you can use a travel agent services which usually includes rafting program into their tour programs, or you can come directly to the river location, after that you can choose one of operator that offers their services. The operators that offer rafting program there, among others, Ayung River Rafting, Rafting Toekad and much more.

How to get there

If you wish to visit the Ayung river you can travel by car, Via Jl.P.B. Sudirman with a distance of about 7.9 km from Denpasar to take about 15 minutes away depending on traffic jam.

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