Antap Beach

Antap Beach

Bali island has many interesting places that can serve as your tourist destination, one of which is a tourist beach. Antap beach is one of the beaches located in Bali, precisely in Tabanan area which is known as the granary padai, because most of the region is rice fields and become a major supplier of rice needs in Bali. Tabanan has a natural beauty, exotic beauty of the beaches and amazing mountains so as to make tourists feel at home to stay longer. One beach located in Tabanan is Antap beach that has black sand sparkles with sizable waves, while the atmosphere of the beach was very comfortable, the beach was perfect for those who crave peace and quiet. The beauty of  Antap beach  increasingly visible from scenic cliffs towering rocks and rock collection that is always slammed by the brunt of the waves it’s become the main attraction to the beach. The activities you can do at the beach is to swim, play, and enjoy the beauty of the charm beach  which is still relatively unexploited.

How to get there

For those of you, who want to visit Antap beach, you only need to take about 2 hours trip, mileage is approximately 57 km from Denpasar city.

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