Amed Beach

Amed Beach

As with the other beaches on Bali island, Amed Beach also has an incredible exotic beauty. Actually, Amed is the name of a village, which is one of the villages in the south, this beach is located in the Northeast of Amlapura. From this beach you can visit the fish market in the morning when the new tuna comes from the sea and you can also enjoy the scenery around Amed village.

Amed offers an excellent dive sites including practice diving, because Amed has a flat lagoons and coral reefs enough to swim for 5 minutes. This location is highly recommended for novice divers, By using a boat you can see the beautiful rock crevices that you will see while diving. This activity is very pleasant and decent work for all people. Snorkeling and diving in the black sand beach here is a remarkable thing, the type and number of fish on the beach is the best among the other beaches in Bali and the water temperature is 28 degrees. A gang of cardinal fish, triggerfish, black snappers, pyramid butterflies, banner fish, and damselfish can be found here, table corals, big fan gorgonians, Acropora, Dendronephthya trees, sponges, crinoids, and sea fans are commonly found at a depth of 20 meters.

Cemuluk is an ideal place to begin snorkeling, located about 4 kilometers further south along the coast lies Banyuning, where you can find the wreck and some of the most beautiful coral that can be seen anywhere in the Lesser Sundas. Here the beach is a little deep and choppy sometimes large, so the area is suitable for those who have experience in diving.

How to get There

If you want to visit Amed Beach, you will travel for thirty minutes by car. If you want to use a public transport, you can take the bus from Denpasar, Terminal Batubulan to Amlapura, for two hours. Then by minibus to Amed, for 30 minutes. Usually Bemo will stop in the village, but you have to say clearly to the driver to take you to Cemuluk beach.

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